Friday, July 16, 2010


Emme woke up last night around 9 pm, after sleeping for 2 hours, ready to play. She was all smiles, giggles, and extremely wild. Here are a few pics of Pete trying to get her to lay down and go back to bed. Obviously it didn't work and she was up to almost 11 pm. Crazy little girl.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some random cute pics

Playing house with Emme's little kitchen and tea pot :)
Aww. Look at my sweet girl. She likes putting her pretend cakes in the oven.

Helping mommy clean

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Up North Family Vacation

This past weekend Pete, the kids and I made the trip up north to Grand Marias. We left early Friday morning and arrived home tonight (Sunday). It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time. We stayed at Cascade Lodge and had hiking trails right out our back door. The lodge was in Cascade National Park. There was a 0.6 mile loop that we hiked to see the waterfalls. Noah had a blast. He loved hiking and leading the way. He is definitely his Father's son. I think his favorite part was climbing the rocks in the river and dipping his toes in the water. Emme was very sleep deprived, but she seemed to enjoy the hike too while being carried in the backpack. We also enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake, eating frozen custard in town, and having lattes at Java moose while going on an early morning walk. Oh..and I cant forget, eating pizza at Sven and Ole's (the best pizza ever)! It was a great weekend to be away, however, I am glad to be home in my own bed without Noah between Pete and I. The pictures below are somewhat out of order...enjoy!

On the way home...very tired little ones :)
awww...they love each other soo much.

breakfast in bed

fun at the lodge.
Noah and Emme enjoyed wrestling and playing in the pack-n-play

The end of the hike

Noah leading the way

Look at the beautiful waterfall behind them! It was such a gorgeous sight! And the two men in the picture are my life :)

The other love of my life :) Miss stinker bug!

my little man is getting so big

mom the pack mule

sharing....I wonder how long this will last?

Enjoying the view

The only family picture from the vacation.

Gooseberry Falls

In Duluth on the way up to Grand Marias. We stopped for lunch and to stretch our legs.


Baa Baa
June 2009-July 2010
Security blankie for Little Miss Emme Horn
Was well loved and cared for
Baa will be greatly missed
Today we have lost our beloved Baa. Baa went every where Emme store, on walks, car rides, etc. While out of town this past weekend, Baa was somehow left behind. Unfortunately, the store where Baa came from was closed tonight so Emme had to go to bed with an impostor. Hopefully she wont notice when I give her a brand new, shiny, clean smelling Baa tomorrow :)
Goodnight my could be a long night :(