Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This past weekend, Peter had 4 days off so we decided to spend some quality family time. We went to the indoor playground in Woodbury. I thinks its called Lookout Ridge. Noah and Emme had a blast and Peter and I got a workout climbing the 2 story slide. Noah also loved the jumping tent and Emme enjoyed watching him.
Emme in the boat at the playground.

Noah liked playing with Emme. He didn't want to be too far from her. It was really sweet. He is such a good big brother. Very protective.

Emme doesn't usually like nuks. She is more of a thumb girl, but she found Noah's nuk and new right where it goes.

As many of you know, Emme has not been the greatest eater when it comes to solids. She has a very high gag reflex so anything that went in would come right back up. She still does not like anything pureed. I have been working with her a lot over the past month to get her to eat. Finally this week she has shown interest in gerber puffs. As you can see on her face, she doesn't always get them in her mouth but it is progress.

mmmm.... puffs

I found some great deals this week at gymboree so I picked Noah up a winter jacket for next year. As you can see in his nose, Noah had his first bloody nose.

Noah sporting his kleenex nose plug to help stop the bleeding

Well its official....we have started potty training even though I am not ready yet. Noah finally showed interest in his potty chair today and went peepee 4 times after nap. He was soo excited and proud of himself and so was I. We quickly made a trip to target to get some cool Car underwear to celebrate. In this picture he was doing his underwear dance :)

Look mom at my new undies

Playing the recorder while trying to go poo poo. He sat there for a long time but nothing :)

You know you're a mom when......

1. you do the potty dance with your toddler when he goes pee pee in his new potty :) YEAH NOAH!!!
2. You are beaming all day because your infant finally took her first bites of food and didn't throw it up.
3. you miss your little ones at night so you wake them up and snuggle with them in your bed.
4. you sleep with a foot in the back from your toddler while you are nursing your infant :)
5. You realize that you should never wake sleeping children at night!
6. You walk around with snot on your sleeves and pant legs. I am now a human Kleenex.
7. the one person, maybe besides your husband, that your kids want to see in the morning is you.
8. you can carry your daughter in her carseat, your son in the other arm, a diaper bag, a purse, and walk on ice without falling.
9. your infant decides to use you as a chew toy instead of a food source. Emme now has 4 teeth...ouch!

10. your two children look at you with love in their eyes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow. What a week it has been. The weather has been perfect! The kids and I have really enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow. On Saturday, I took the kids to my parents house to go sledding since Pete was working this weekend. I thought Noah would be afraid of the huge hill but he loved it. I could hear him scream all the way down the hill and then ask for more. My mom and dad would tow him back up the hill while he laid back on the tube and ate snow all the way up. It was way too cute. Emme and I mostly stayed at the top of the hill and watched. She was all bundled up in her snow suit and I had her strapped to me in the Ergo backpack. She liked watching Noah. Next year I will probably have them both sledding down that big hill.

The rest of the weekend wasn't so fun. Noah refused to nap both Saturday and Sunday. He must be going through some sort of phase...I hope. By 6:30, he was a complete Bear and would cry about everything. And Emme wasn't her usual easy self. Her top two teeth are almost through, so hopefully she will get back to herself in a few days.

Today we had MOPS, which is Noah's favorite activity of the week. He always asks to go to church or MOPS. He has a great teacher who he adores and his best friend, Isaiah, in his classroom. It is such a nice break when we have MOPs. I have met some really amazing women who have taught me a lot about myself and about being a mom. Today we talked about marriage and how to strengthen it. I was really encouraged to pray more for my husband and also to pray for God to show me my own faults and weaknesses. I feel really blessed to have found Peter. He is not perfect by any means, and either am I, but we make it work. We truly enjoy each other. He is my best friend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010! I cant get up :) Noah has loved playing in the snow especially now that its warmer out. I can barely get him to come inside. He loves to roll around in the snow and make snow angels.
Here is Noah enjoying some relaxing time with his huge tiger and bear. He loves to cuddle and lay on the floor with them while watching his new favorite show "Super Why."

Bathtime...Noah and Emme love to take bathes together. Emme laughs at Noah splashing around and Noah is very gentle with her. He is always making sure that Emme has enough bath toys in her tub.

Little miss smiley. She is such a goof ball. It has been really enjoyable the past few months to see her personality come through. I think we may be in a little trouble. She is definitely the spunky little sister.

Noah loves the snow but Emme isn't too sure. Can you see the little tear drop on the side of her face? The minute we went outside she cried. To her defense, the wind was a little cold that day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year...Old Jeans!

This past few months, Peter and I have been very good about going to the gym on a regular basis. We put the kids in the daycare and spend an hour together, working out. It has been great for our marriage and relationship...and our bodies. So today I decided to get my old jeans out of storage and try them on again....and they FIT!!! YEAH! I haven't worn these jeans since before Noah! I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I am finally seeing the rewards of all my hard work at the gym.