Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Lots and Lots of yummy candy after a full night of trick or treating :)
Noah and his buddy Mia

Trick or Treat :)

Ahh dont they look cute.

Our pumpkin this year. Pete and I were very proud of our masterpiece.

Noah the Lion and Emme the ladybug

Uncle Matt and Emme

Friday, October 30, 2009

Noah and Emme laughing in the tub :)


Family bath in the huge jacuzzi tub in our room. It was the kids favorite thing about the hotel :)
The view from our room! It was beautiful.

Peter and Noah loved swimming together. Noah is such a little fish.

On this day Noah was very tired and crabby so we decided to bury him in the sand to keep him put :)

Emme at the Wedding. She was a little doll.

Noah having more fun in the tub with bubbles

Sleepy Noah

Noah at the Wedding.

Mother and Daughter

Emme soaking up the sun :)

We are back from Mexico and getting adjusted to schedules again. Noah and Emme did great on the trip and we all had a blast. Most of our days consisted of swimming, short walks, drinking fun slushy drinks, poolside service and snacks, mini golf, and a lot of food. The resort was very family friendly and had a lot to do. Peter and his friend Ben went sailing one day off the shore and saw a sea turtle. We also saw huge lizards and even a small alligator. The wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun. Noah loved to dance with Tonia, the bride, and when she was too busy he would move on to the bridesmaids. He is such a ladies man :) The plane ride was another story.... Noah had motion sickness on the descending part and threw up all over peter, Emme went through 4 outfits on the way home because she had huge blow outs, and our dvd player ran out of power right before the plane took off since we were delayed an hour waiting for our pilot to show up. All in all it was a good trip and we are blessed we could afford to take our family there. Congrats Matt and Tonia! Thanks for having your wedding in Mexico.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Picture from Sarah and Kojoe's Wedding

(picture taken by Beth Johnson...thanks Beth!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few pics to keep the Grandparents happy while we are gone

Emme and Noah enjoying the fire on a cold evening night. Ahhh...I love fall :)
Emme and Noah relaxing and having snack. If you look closely you can see that Noah is sitting in Emme's green bumbo seat.

Noah wearing my sling with his baby in it :) He likes to copy Mommy.

Mexico here we come!

Tomorrow, bright and early, we leave for Mexico!! We are going to the Riviera Maya for a wedding and family vacation. I cant wait to watch Noah on the beach. Life is much more fun seeing it through your 2 year olds eyes :) I am a little nervous about the flight and lay-overs, but I know that the Lord is watching over us. I have snacks, new books, dvd player, and other surprises for Noah on the plane. It should keep him busy for awhile.

Emme seems better today. Her cold is almost gone and I noticed that her second tooth popped through this morning. Hopefully she will be more content and happier than the last few days. And I pray that she will start sleeping through the night again. I am in need of some beauty sleep. The bags under my eyes are getting bigger :)

Well, that's about it for now. Today I have a full day of packing, cleaning and shopping planned. My mom is coming to help and watch the kids for me. Then tonight, Pete and I will go over our check list, pack the car with luggage, get the coffee machine already to go, and go to bed early. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 6:50 am!! If you have time, say a little prayer for us. I think we might need it with that early of a flight. I will post pics when we return!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

reading material :)

Noah seems to think that whenever I need to use the bathroom that I need reading material. I dont know where he got this idea (probably from his dad). So this morning when I was in the bathroom, Noah quickly ran to his room and collected all the books he could and continued to shove them under the door. He would say "here mom, here mom, more more....want more??" He is so goofy :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My little pumpkins :)

Noah standing by the MOUNTAIN of pumpkins. He would say BIG PUMPKINS! Look mom pumpkins :)
Noah's little baby pumpkin he picked out

Noah and Emme in the wagon

Mama's little pumpkin. She looks like a pumpkin with her chubby cheeks.

Yesterday we went to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. It was freezing cold for October, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Noah and Emme both loved the pumpkins. Noah loved finding the little pumpkins and holding them. He would talk to them like they were little babies like Emme.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too smart for his own good

Noah has been really into pretend play lately. He likes to make pretend food and feed it to you, pretend to go to work in his little car and today he started to pretend to nurse his teddy bear :) It was way to cute. He lifted up his shirt and put the bear under and then said "eat num nums bear...drink milk." As he lifted his shirt, Noah even put the shirt in his mouth to hold it while he got the bear in position...just like mommy. Here is our dialog from the incident:

Me: Noah what are you doing?
Noah: num num bear
Me: Does Emme eat num nums too?
Noah: Yeah... Mommy's nums nums. Mama's milk.
Me: Does the bear drink milk?
Noah: yeah. Noah's milk.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here!

Noah the train conductor

The somewhat naked dance :)

Our cozy pjs!

Awwww.....way to cute!

Sibling bath time. Noah doesn't like to be apart from Emme for too long. He loves his little sister.

Noah with his new sweater from Grandma Judy. It is soo cute on him :) He looks like a little model.

Emme relaxing in her crib. Isn't she cute?

Fall hats and fleece!

The fall weather is finally here. Fall is our favorite time of year. Pete and I love the colorful trees, brisk weather, and wearing fleece!! Every year we look forward to fall. It is a time to slow down, get into a routine with the kids, watch our favorite shows, and start preparing for hibernation :) Don't get me wrong...we love summer, but we also love apple crisp, hot chocolate, and cozy fires. I also feel it is a time to reflect on our lives and our relationships with the Lord, family, and friends. Summer is so busy that sometimes those relationships get neglected at times. I have started a new devotional called "Having a Mary Spirit." It has been eye opening and really has challenged me in my walk with God. It has been nice to have more time to sit and read my devotions lately.

Well that's about it. Nothing really new in our lives. We are planning on going to the apple orchard tomorrow so look for some cute pics of the kids at the orchard. Happy Fall :)