Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Summer Fun

I finally uploaded the camera and remembered I never posted pics of Emme's first birthday. Here are few highlights from her big day along with pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

mmm cake. Daddy and Noah enjoyed Emme's birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Emme! She loved her cake and devoured the whole piece.

Noah and his buddy Mia

Emme got her first 2 baby dolls. She wasn't too sure what to think at first. But she now loves playing with her baby's and push them around in her new stroller.

We were hit by the flu again this year. Luckily Emme never got it...yet :( I had it first, then Noah, and now Pete has it. Noah was pretty miserable but he thought it was fun to make his bed on the couch and sip 7up.

Princess Emme Sassy Pants and Prince Noah Stinker Butt

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grandma's Marathon!

We are back from Duluth where Pete ran the 1/2 marathon. We had a wonderful weekend and the weather was perfect. Nice and sunny :) Pete did amazing in his race. We are very proud of him. We left for Duluth on Friday morning and spent the evening walking around canal park and eating lots of pasta. We also went swimming at the hotel's water park. Very fun! Saturday was an early morning. Pete had to be up around 4:30 am so he could eat and get to the starting line. The race officially started at 6:30. Noah and I got up close to 7 and went outside to watch Pete run by. Our hotel was right on the race route. Very convenient. Saturday afternoon we spent most of our time swimming. Noah is such a water bug. He would swim forever. The three of us also napped. Later we went for a nice long walk to stretch out Pete's legs and had a picnic on the beach. The weekend was such a nice break from the daily schedule.

Emme stayed home from this trip, with my parents. It was her first time away from me and I cried the whole way home after dropping her off. However, it would have been extremely hard having her there especially since she needs 2 naps to function and she also hates pools. She had a blast with my parents. She was spoiled :) She went on a lot of walks, ate ice cream, and had one on one attention. Just what my dramatic, little princess needed. Well, I will stop writing and get straight to the pictures :)
Noah waiting patiently for Daddy to run by. He was so excited to see Pete. He kept saying "there he is!" for every guy that somewhat resembled Pete.
Run Peter Run! You're doing great! We were at the 10 mile marker. He had a little over 3 miles left at this point!
Pete and his brother Matt after the race. They both did great. I am very proud of them.
My and my handsome hubby! and little Noah peaking at us
Rocks. Noah's favorite thing to do is throw rocks and collect rocks.

Me and my little man.

Friday, June 11, 2010

ok...just a few more :)

More family photos from Beth

Thank you Beth :) You captured my family perfectly. I have tears in my eyes every time I look at these pictures.

I love my beautiful family!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Emme Marie!

Emme Marie Horn born June 2nd, 2009

My baby girl is 1 today! I cant believe how fast this year has gone. We have a fun day planned for little Emme. We are going to the zoo this morning, taking long naps... hopefully, and then cake and ice cream with family tonight. Noah is so excited to give Emme the birthday gift he picked out for her and surprise her with balloons. I love watching them together. Emme and Noah really love each other and Noah loves taking care of her. I hope it continues :) Well that's it for now. I will post pictures from the day later.